Cancer Management Research Seminars

We have been running the Cancer Management Research Seminar series at Sheffield Hallam University for over five years. The seminars run monthly on a Thursday lunchtime, the content is aimed at health professionals (including student practitioners) working within the field of Oncology and Radiotherapy.

Research Seminar Series for Oncology Professionals.

Opportunity for CPD

Our research seminars are open to health professionals (including students) working in the field of Radiotherapy and Oncology.

The seminars run from 13.00-14.00 (GMT London/Lisbon) on a Thursday once a month, and can be accessed online via a web link.

Programme for 2021-2022 Academic Year

January 13th – Evaluation of how UK Radiotherapy departments are recognising, reporting and managing Radiation Dermatitis.

February 3rd– Surrounded by silence: understanding women’s experiences of breast, trunk and chest wall lymphoedema after treatment for breast cancer.

March 3rd– Developing and testing a web-based intervention for symptom monitoring and supporting self-management of post-surgical pain in breast cancer.

April 7th– How two cancer rehabilitation services work in South Wales, for whom, and in what circumstances? Findings from a realist informed mixed-methods evaluation.

May 12th-Barriers and facilitators to engaging with health services for patients with breast cancer symptoms or a breast cancer diagnosis during the COVID-19 pandemic. A grounded theory approach.

June 9th– Living in two worlds; from cancer patient to cancer researcher.

July 7th-STAMINA: Supervised exercise TrAining for Men wIth prostate caNcer on Androgen deprivation therapy’ 

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