Breast Radiotherapy Interest Group

Reverse text BRIG_New3Today in the UK 150 women will be told that they have breast cancer, globally around 1.5 million are diagnosed with the disease annually, of these around 80% will survive the disease beyond 5 years, with survival projected to reach 1.7 million by 2040 it is important that radiotherapy is given accurately to ensure side effects are minimised.

Many radiation therapists are developing specialist expertise in breast irradiation. Radiotherapy technique for breast cancer varies considerably across centres. This wide variation in practice may contribute to differences in overall care for the patient.

I developed the Breast Radiotherapy Interest Group (BRIG) as a community of practice approximately five years ago, it now has over 120 members from across the globe allowing the sharing of good practice, cross fertilisation of ideas, and development of innovative approaches to current challenges in the delivery of radiotherapy for breast cancer patients. The ultimate aim is to drive forward co-ordinated research by Radiation Therapists/Therapy Radiographers.

BRIG is for qualified Radiation Therapists/ Therapeutic Radiographers or dosimetrists with an interest in breast cancer treatment. To learn more about this group, how to become a member (it’s free) and how to join our Google discussion group please see here


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